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Find all the answers you need to get started with our User Guide or learn how to integrate your business with 7Segments using our Technical Guide.

  User Guide

User Guide introduces you to customer retention and offers basic information about 7Segments to get you started in no time. Here you can also find complete overview of our platform.

Getting Started

A safe place to start! Contains an Introduction to customer retention, takes you on a quick tour around 7Segments and much more.

App Overview

Learn about our Visual Scenario Builder, see how different analyses like Segmentations or Funnels can help you target right customers or browse through all available analyses by yourself. Also don’t forget about our Marketplace!

Best Practices

Discover best practices when using our platform with tips and tricks about how to get the most value for your time.

  Technical Guide

Consult our Technical Guide whenever you have questions about integrating your business with 7Segments or when you need to learn about our different APIs.


Look through overview.


Everything you wanted to know about integrating your business with 7Segments but you were afraid to ask under one hood.


Learn how to use our APIs to better the world.

  Common Questions

Questions about customer retention or 7Segments? Find answers in our growing knowledge base.

Why is customer retention important?
What is 7segments?
How can I track actions of my customers?
How can I target my customers with e-mail campaigns?

Discover more answers about Visual Scenario Editor, Analyses, in-app Market and other features of our platform.

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